EasyTouch – Torque/Angle Data Analyzer

EasyTouch – Torque angle data analyzer

The easiest way to take under control nut-runner and torque wrenches on the assembly lines.

Thanks to its intuitive graphical interface and touch-screen display, EasyTouch is a quick and simple data-collector that can control all kinds of power-tools and wrenches.

Available in three versions Basic, Advanced mode, ideal to satisfy the different needs of customers. Advanced and Full mode allow the connection with wireless transducers and printers, and to export data to SCS software.

Data analyzer torque angle EasyTouch


  • Acquisition of torque and angle from torque wrenches and transducers SCS Concept, or analog torque transducers mV / V (with special cable)
  • Connection to transducers via cable or wireless
  • Test of power tools (machine capability Cm-Cmk cards and X, R charts): click wrenches, torque wrenches, power and pulse tools
  • Traces shown on the display / touch screen
  • Statistics
  • Optional radio module for wireless transducers or printer
  • Powered by internal rechargeable battery