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We develop products for controlled tightening on the production line, with a wide range of instruments and software to assure the quality control and data traceability.

Tightening and measurement tools development

Intelligent digital torque wrenches, power tools and wrench test benches, torque/angle analyzers and transducers.

Software solutions

Software packages for the quality management on the production line, for error proof production and rework procedures, for control instrument programming and augmented reality for production processes.

Calibration laboratory

Accredited laboratory ISO 17025 for torque and angle calibration.


Advanced instruments, software and services for all what regards tightening process and quality control on production lines. Products in continuous development, in advance to the requests from industries concerning automation and data traceability.

- Production tighenings
- Quality control
- Residual torque measurement on already tightened joints
- Cp-Cpk statistics and reports
- Data traceability
- Wireless transfer of results and traces to external databases

Digital Torque Wrenches

Tightening in production with different tightening strategies in torque and angle. Quality control tests by measuring the residual torque on the joints already tightened, with different detection methods. Data traceability with embedded barcode reader and wireless transfer to software / external databases.
- Test of all power tools and wrenches
- Tests (manual or automatic) and calibration according to ISO 6789 e ISO 5393 standards
- Cm-Cmk statistics and reports
- Torque / angle simulation of the real joint
- Torque and angle measurement of tools
- Transfer results and traces to external database

Test Benches

Test of all power tools and wrenches on the production line (Cm-Cmk and statistical control), with test functions (manual or automatic) and calibration, according to ISO 6789 and ISO 5393. Measurement of torque and angle produced by power tools. Results and traces are saved and transferred to remote databases. The bench FTY reproduces the real joint behavior, testing the tool in the same real condition of use.
- Test of all power tools and wrenches
- Tests and calibration according to ISO 6789 e ISO 5393 standards
- Torque and angle measurement of tools
- Cm-Cmk, Cp-Cpk statistics and reports
- Transfer results and traces to external database

Torque Analyzers

Portable analyzers that, connected to a torque or torque/angle transducer, perform tightenings, tests all types of power tools (Cm-Cmk) and measure the residual torque on joints already tightened (Cp-Cpk). Possibility of embedded barcode reader and wireless communication.
- Used directly on the production line to measure / calibrate power tools
- To be connected to torque analyzers or test benches.

Transducers and Joint Simulators

Transducers used directly on the production line to measure / calibrate power tools and torque wrenches. They can be connected to data acquisition systems or test benches.
- Tools and joints archive
- Test scheduling
- Cmk-Cm, Cp-Cpk statistics and reports
- Control charts (SPC)
- Error proof visual procedures for rework stations.
- Laboratory instruments programming
- Process control


Definition of the tools archive, schedule of tests and generation of statistics Cm-Cmk, Cp-Cpk, control cards (SPC). Management of procedures for rework and production stations.
SCS Concept provides a mobile laboratory for calibration of torque and angle transducers, electrical calibration of amplifiers.

Mobile Calibration

Mobile laboratory for calibration of torque and angle transducers and electrical calibration of amplifiers.

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Test benches

Customized benches with tiltable transducers, external brakes, dedicated and customized accessories.


Dedicated functions to adapt tightening operations and quality control to the specific customer requirements.

Connected Solutions

Customized installations of products and software connected together, communicating with the company management software. One step in advance to the new trends of the Industry 4.0

Are you searching solutions for controlled tightening or quality control management on a production line?

Company Presentation

About Us

SCS Concept was founded in 2005, with Head Quarters in Milan, Italy.

It is a young and innovative company, developing and manufacturing advanced quality control and production equipment, with over 150 persons world wide.

In 2007 introduced first SCS developed electronic Torque & Angle wrenches. With the partner company Q-Direct GmbH, attained DKD accreditation (Dakks) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Offering customers today – a wide range of torque/angle wrenches for production, quality & lab, data collector / analyzers, rotary & static transducers, test benches, software, calibration and service, including customized solutions.

Operating globally in all prime vertical markets – Automotive Industry – Aerospace – General Industry.

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Advanced tightening solutions for quality control and production
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Legal head office: via Zucchi 39/c, 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI) - VAT 06388790963 - Certified email: scsconceptitalia@pec.it
Registration to the Office of the CCIAA Register of Milan, capital on the balance sheet 200 000 Euro i.v.