FTS Hybrid – Power tools and automatic wrench certification

0.3 to 500 N·m up to 2 000 N·m with external transducer

FTS bench is a hybrid bench (hydraulic and motorized transducers) offering a complete solution in tool testing on the production line. It offers all the functions of a FTY (power tools and wrench tester) bench and AWT bench (Automatic wrench tester).

Wrench test

The motorized transducer offers automatic wrench test, in which the operator effort is not needed after the test is started. This test can evaluate life cycle of the wrench, stability of the click-point of a click wrench, or measuring the wrench Cm-Cmk. Automatic test is performed according to the ISO 6789 – 2017.
The same wrench, after the automatic test on the motorized transducer, can be anyway tested manually (on FTS hydraulic brakes) to verify in the real working condition, according to VDI/VDE norms.
There is no other bench on the market featuring this combined test.

Power tool test

The hydraulic brakes of FTS, as in the FTY, are able to simulate the fastener in all its characteristics, to test power tools and torque wrenches in the real conditions of work. Simulation can be performed from hard joint to soft joint, testing the power tools and torque wrenches in their strategy used in the production line.

Pulse tools

Even if pulse tools cannot be tested on hydraulic brakes, it is always possible to test them using an external static transducer connected to the FTS bench.

Special test

Special test, like the compared test, can be performed on the FTS bench. The tool results can be acquired (automatically or inserted manually) by the FTS, providing a compared results.

FTS Hybrid

Compatible with all types of assembly tools

Fulfil norms ISO 5393:2017, ISO 6789-1:2017, VDI/VDE 2645-2:2014

Flexible, high performance and ergonomic

Automatic and manual tools test

Stand alone test with battery


  • Test of wrenches (electronic/digital, click), pneumatic,
    electric and battery tools, pulse tools (except impact wrenches)
  • Torque accuracy : 0.5% of the read value
  • Angle accuracy : +/-1° per 360°
  • Joint simulation range for brake : 15° to 360°
  • Max speed acceptable for brake : up to 2 000 rpm
  • Local database with more than 256 Gb of capacity
  • Print/export/curves
  • Barcode reader to select assembly tools
  • Statistic analysis
  • Autonomy for up to 8 hours
  • Motorized wheel (optional)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comparative test capability
  • Check your assembly tools before integration and during production
    with the same bench
  • FTS bench can perform all types of control using the internal battery

Safety solution

The bench automatically detects if the torque set-up to check the wrench is compatible with the length of the reaction bar .

Our brakes automatically release if the torque applied is too high

FTS Hybrid

Minimum length check by FTS

A 360° quality solution

  • Audit and manage all your assembly tools with ONLY one bench
  • Test report referring to ISO and VDI Norms
  • Tool checking alarm
  • Route checking
  • Print your test report
  • Control and monitor the performance of your assembly tools
  • Global overview of your assembly tools
  • FTS bench allows you to connect an external transducer to check multi-spindle machines or pulse tools
FTS Hybrid

Customized report

FTS Hybrid

Route management

AWT functionalities

FTS Hybrid

Motorized transducer

Wrench control and certification

  • Automatic wrench test/report ISO 6789-1:2017 & VDI/VDE 2645-2:2014
  • Automatic Cm/Cmk statistic analysis
  • Compatible with electronic, slip and click wrench tools
  • Automatic value comparison between testing device and bench
  • Productivity
    – Improve your productivity with our automatic wench test
    – Manage X/R chart and validate wrenches in production line
FTS Hybrid

Automatic value comparison

FTS Hybrid

Example of ISO 6789:2017 test

FTY functionalities

FTS Hybrid

Power tools control and certification

  • Dynamic Joint simulation to reproduce assembly joints
  • Amazing Joint simulator allows you to conduct 50 tightenings in less than 2 minutes (Fastest breaking device of the market)
  • Reproduce real joint behavior for testing power tools in real conditions and validate the multi-step program (according VDI/VDE 2645-2:2014)
  • Compatible with all type of tools
    – Spindle with external rotary transducer
    – Impulse tools with our Freedom TH solution
FTS Hybrid

Cm / Cmk following ISO 5393