The quality management software integrate the SCS Concept products series. They program the SCS Concept instruments, schedule the tests, retrieve results and traces, produce reports and statistics, assure the data traceability.

Global software platform for production line
- Tools and joints management
- Quality control test (Cm/Cmk, Cp/Cpk, Control Charts)
- Production data collection and analysis
- Data traceability
- Custom alarms


Global software platform for production line
Visual Production Guide:
- Error proof procedures
- Data Traceability
- Connection to production tools
- Station for rework, pre-serie production, backup tool


Rework and production stations management software
Quality Control management:
- Quality test on tools and joints
- Test scheduling
- Instrument programming
- SPC (Statistical Process Control) analysis: Cm/Cmk, Cp/Cpk, Control Charts


Production line quality management software
Test bench software, that can be used in stand alone connected to wireless transducers.
Tool testing management, single or multi-spindle.


Torque/angle acquisition Software
Standalone software to connect to SCS wrenches and data analyzers in LAB mode.
Ideal for development and quality control analysis.
- Joint analysis
- Quality tests on tools and joints
- Traces analysis and comparison
- Instrument programming and result download

SCS Explorer

Program and download data from SCS instruments