MSB – Static transducers test bench

Wrenches and pulse tools static test bench

MSB is a test bench with mechanical joint simulators for test of all types of power tools and torque wrenches, complete with PC and Statistic and Management software. Thanks to the SCS wireless technology it is possible to connect the SCS wireless transducers RMC BT and wireless torque wrenches.

MSB can be used not only for Machine Capability but also for Process Capability and analysis on production line.

MSB – Static transducers test bench


  • Tools test: wrenches (electronic/digital, click), pulse tools (excluding impact wrenches).
  • Automatic detection of the click point of click wrenches.
  • Statistical Process Control: Measurement of machine capability (Cm, Cmk) and X, R charts.
  • Test according to ISO 6789
  • Reaction system for testing and calibration of torque wrenches
  • Database with tools archive, scheduling and execution of tests, storage of results
  • Compared tests for screwdrivers and wrenches with torque comparison between the bench and the tool under test
  • External transducers connectivity for special tests
  • Test clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Mechanical joint simulators for testing of pulse tools with shut-off valve.
  • Statistics and report
  • Real time traces on the monitor
  • Equipped with static torque transducers configured according to the tools to be tested on the production line
  • Programming in local, or remote through management software for quality control of the production line
  • Radio communication to external systems
  • Local database or server
  • Torque accuracy less than 0.5% according to DIN 51309
  • Battery powered