AWT – Automatic Wrench Tester

Automatic Wrench Tester

AWT is a bench for the automatic test of torque wrenches (click and dial), allows to execute endurance and short test (CmCmk and ISO6789).

Thanks to its flexibility, with AWT is possible to run test on power-tools (with joint simulator on static transducer) and “angle” test for electronic wrenches.

Automatic Wrench Tester


  • Automatic test of wrenches according to ISO 6789
  • Automatic detection of the click point of click wrenches
  • Compared tests for wrenches with torque (and possibly angle) comparison between the bench and the wrench under test
  • Angle test for digital wrenches with angle measurement
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise test
  • Database with tools archive, test scheduling and execution, storage of results
  • Statistics and reports
  • Equipped with motorized transducers with configurable capacity, depending on the tools to be tested on the production line
  • Programming in local, or remote through management software for quality control of the production line
  • Local database or server
  • Torque accuracy less than 0.5% according to DIN 51309
  • Angle accuracy less than 0.25 ° according to VDI / VDE 2648 page 1
  • AC power supply with battery backup