DataTouch3  – Data Analyzer Torque/Angle

The Multitool

With DataTouch3 data collector, the Quality Control will become efficient, fast and easy.

With its connection possibility to various types of transducers, the DataTouch3 is the perfect solution for tool-test and process-control.

It features like the wireless connection to the SCS wireless transducers, the colour touchscreen, the internal 1Gb memory and the automatic recognition of the connected transducer, make the DataTouch3  the forerunner of a new generation of data collectors.

Data analyzer torque angle DataTouch3


  • Acquisition of torque and angle from torque wrenches and transducers SCS Concept, or analog torque transducers mV / V (with special cable)
  • Connection to transducers via cable or wireless
  • Quality control tests of joints already tightened to measure residual torque, through several strategies: breakaway “smart” or breakaway peak, loosen-tighten, minimum torque check
  • Joint analysis
  • Test of power tools (machine capability Cm-Cmk cards and X, R charts): click wrenches, torque wrenches, power and pulse tools
  • Data traceability with embedded barcode reader
  • Traces shown on the display / touch screen
  • Statistics
  • Programmable by SCS Concept software SQnet+ for statistical process controls on production lines
  • Optional radio module for wireless transducers
  • Powered by rechargeable and replaceable battery