High Torque

SCS offers a wide range of instruments and solutions fot high torque test

Torque and Torque/Angle Transducers

On the next figure it’s shown an SCS transducer used to determinate the minimum torque to open and close the valve. DataTouch3  is connected to the transducer and displays the max torque and the rotation of the stem (angle).

Torque Time and Torque/Angle Curves

DataTouch3 allows to analyze the TorqueTime and TorqueAngle curves in the phases of opening and closing of valves. Thanks to SCS F3 Lab explorer software is possible to send curves and results to a PC.

Test Bench for Hydraulic Wrenches

Test bench for hydraulic wrenches allows to install on board a wide range of torque transducers in order to test low and high torque level. Also, it is possible to connect external-wireless transducers (Bluetooth), in case is not possible to execute test directly on the test bench. Data.Pro software allows to store TorqueTime and TorqueAngle curves and every single test results.

High torque