FMS Freedom Multistation – Online Rework, Backup, Pilot/Beta Build, Repair Station

One production line in a single bench

FMS (Freedom Multi Station) is designed for: rework areas (outside assembly lines), batch production, work as backup tool on the production line and as training station.

FMS allows to perform any tightening process on assembly line with the installed SCS software VPG+ (Visual Production Guide Plus) which supports the operator with a graphic guide, showing all fastenings to be tightened and their status. VPG+ is able to communicate with the SCS Concept Freedom3 and with the many tools controllers available on the market.

FMS Online Rework, Backup, Pilot/Beta Build, Repair Station


  • Repair station: creating and running error-proofed procedures to rework parts along the production line
  • Production station or pre-production: creating and running error-proofed procedure to assembly parts on the production line. For example tightening pre-series where the electronic power tools have not yet been programmed
  • Backup tool: The rework station can quickly replace a power tool fault along the production line, minimizing the effect of the failure and allowing the repair.
  • Connecting to SCS Concept tools (wrenches Freedom3) and third party power tools
  • Dedicated customized communication with other types of tool with electronic control unit
  • Ability to work with multiple tools in parallel
  • Several types of operations supported: tightening (torque and torque / angle), logical, barcode, generic
  • Possibility of connecting to external instruments (for example for distance measures)
  • Barcode reader to scan the VIN of the production piece
  • Management of the various production models with customized procedures for each model and variant
  • Reports and statistics
  • Errors management
  • Local or, in case of more stations, centralized database
  • AC Power Supply with PC backup unit