Data.Pro – Torque/Angle Acquisition Software


Connection to wireless SCS transducers.

Data. Pro can be installed on a PC and connects directly to the SCS Concept torque and torque/angle wireless transducers. It defines the test program, captures results, acquires torque/time and torque/angle and torque/angle curves, provides reports and statistics. Easy and intuitive, it communicates results in real time and allows multiple curves to be compared. It features a local results archive.

It is the same software that is also installed on the SCS Concept test benches, to execute screwdriver and torque wrench tests, communicating with the SQnet+ quality management software.

Data.Pro – Torque/angle acquisition Software


  • Power tool and wrench test
  • Bluetooth interface with SCS Concept transducers
  • Real time results
  • Results and traces archive
  • Trace comparison
  • User friendly interface


  • Flexible and effective solution

Same software installed on SCS Concept benches

for a common software architecture

Radio communication with SCS Transducers

for easy and quick test configuration and execution

Data.Pro – Torque/angle acquisition Software

The transducer connects directly to the PC with Data.Pro
The test is programmed from the PC with the following strategies:

  • Power tool
  • Pulse tool
  • Click wrench
  • Torque dial wrench
  • Torque/angle dial wrench

Data.Pro can be installed on any PC with Windows

Multilingue Installation

with dictionary easily customizable

Data.Pro – Torque/angle acquisition Software

Results and traces archive

on local database

Data.Pro – Torque/angle acquisition Software

User Management


Data.Pro – Torque/angle acquisition Software