Torque Angle Transducers and Joint Simulators

SCS Concept torque and torque/angle transducers are designed to measure torque and angle with high accuracy. Connected to data acquisition systems or test benches, they allow the test of torque wrenches and power tools.

Torque / angle rotary transducers suitable to test:
- Power tools
- Wrenches
The test can be performed inline, using the transducer between the tool and the bolt to be tighten.

Torque/Angle Rotary Transducers

– Torque and angle measurement
– Test executed directly between the power tool and the joint
– Connection via cable or wireless
– Connection to DataTouch3, EasyTouch or SCS Concept test benches
– Internal memory for automatic recognition
Static torque transducers suitable to test:
- Pulse tools
- Wrenches
- Power tools (adding a mechanical joint simulator on the transducer)

Torque Transducers

– Torque measurement
– Connection via cable or wireless
– Connection to data analyzers via cable or wireless
– Connection to DataTouch3, EasyTouch or SCS Concept test benches
– Internal memory for automatic recognition
Torque wrench to be connected to a torque analyzer.
It can perform quality control test to evaluate the residual torque on a bolted joint:
- Breakaway torque
- Loosen / tighten
Other function:
- Joint analysis
- Tightening operations (torque or torque/angle control)


– Cable torque wrenches for quality control
A special transducer to complete the range of transducers by SCS Concept. This transducer measures the force generated by a rivet gun.

Rivet Gun Tester

– Force transducer to test rivet guns
– Connection to data analyzer DataTouch3
– Force capacity 20 kN or 50 kN
Torque screwdriver perform a controlled tightening operations:
- Easy to use
- Torque control

FSE – Torque screwdriver

– Designed to be connected to DataTouch3
Mechanical joint simulators are used to test a power tool on a static torque transducer, in all the applications where a power tool test bench with hydraulic joint simulators is not available.

Joint Simulators

– Accessories for torque transducers and test benches, they simulate a joint to test power and pulse tools
Torque solutions by SCS Concept for high torque, especially for General Industry applications (elevators, winch, big machines, pipes,...)

High Torque

– Solutions for high torque applications

Transducers and Joint Simulators

Rotary torque/angle transducers are used between the power tool and the joint, to verify the power tool performances directly on the fastener. Measuring the angle and not only the torque gives additional important parameters on the tightening operation.

Static torque transducers are more suitable for laboratory applications. The transducer is normally fixed on a support and possibly equipped with a mechanical joint simulator to test power tools.

Both stationary and rotary transducers are available in a wide range of capacity between 2 N·m and 5 000 N·m.

All transducers are available with cable connection or radio communication.

SCS Concept supplies also transducers for special applications: torque screwdrivers (for low torque tightening operations), force transducers (for testing rivet guns), high torque solutions.