Freedom3 – Digital torque wrench

Choose the Freedom!

The Freedom3  is a real multi-tasking digital torque wrench.

It is the perfect wrench for Quality Control of tightening processes, for joint analysis, for the determination of the joint stiffness, for production as a backup of power tools, or for small productions, thanks to the possibility to perform all the Torque/Angle tightening strategies.

It patented angle measuring system, the large color touchscreen and the internal 1 Gb memory, make of the Freedom3 the best performing and flexible digital Torque/Angle wrench on the market.

Freedom3 – Digital torque wrench


  • Torque measurement with double bridge transducer to make the measurement independent of the position of the operator hand on the handle
  • Embedded gyroscope for angle measurement
  • Tightening strategies: Only torque, torque / angle, torque + angle, tightening to yield point
  • Joint analysis
  • Quality control tests (Cp, Cpk and X/R charts for Statistical Process Control) on joints already tightened, to measure residual torque using different strategies: breakaway, loosen-tighten, minimum torque check
  • Data traceability with embedded barcode reader
  • Traces on display
  • Onboard LEDs for real-time progression of tightening and quality control tests
  • Statistics computation
  • Optional radio module for data exchange with external systems
  • Usable standalone for laboratory, or programmed by software for production / rework or quality control
  • Torque measurement accuracy ± 0.5% of rated torque
  • Powered by rechargeable battery

Applications of Freedom3 digital torque wrench:

Industrial - Quality Control

The Freedom³ digital torque wrench it the perfect instrument for quality control on a production line. Using a electronic wrench with torque and angle measurement, equipped with residual torque strategies, it is possible to keep under control the quality of the tightening performed on a production piece. The data traceability function assures a tracked quality control system. The Freedom³ digital torque wrench can be programmed by the software SQnet+ with the list of tests to be performed on the production line. Results and reports are created to monitor the status of the production.

Industrial - Tightening

For production tightening, the Freedom³ digital torque wrench can be used as backup tool for those power tools on the production line that need to be removed for repair or maintenance. It can be used as well for special production, and critical tightening operations, for example tightening to the yield point or with torque and angle control. The wrench can be programmed via radio and can be connected to different industrial systems. Data traceability is provided with integrated barcode scanner. The Freedom³ digital torque wrench can be used with VPG+, the Visual Production Guide that performs zero fault rework and assembly procedure in a fully automated way.


The Freedom³ digital torque wrench is a great tool to be used in laboratory. Joint analysis function is especially developed to study the torque/angle trace of a joint, detecting automatically the yield point. The wide touchscreen display provides an easy interface to study onboard the traces of the tightening operation and residual torque tests. It can be programmed onboard without a need of a remote software. Test results can be donwloaded anyway to a PC for further analysis.