The multi brand integration hub for industry 4.0

FIM-EVO is an Industrial Universal controller (HUB) able to manage up to 12 tools on a single communication point to reduce cost and simplifying the integration on your network.
FIM-EVO will give you the full flexibility and scalability requested today by our industry.
FIM-EVO is an innovative controller design to concentrate, collect the data of all your production tools (Up to 12) and manage all accessories link to the workstation. This unique controller will be the only one connected to your IT system to reduce cost and improve communication management.

This product has several advantages:
-One single product to manage the production station, up to 12 tools
-Very flexlible, it communicates with all the industrial protocols (Open protocol, Toolsnet, IPM, XML, PFCS, Fieldbus)
-Only one product on which to train the operators. Save training time and cost.
-One one machine connected to the network (save IT costs)
-Can be used also with Geolocation solution
-User friendly web interface to program the FIM EVO
-Touchscreen color display with real time results
-Managing also of accessories (barcode reader, printer, socket tray)


Only one device manage up to 12 production toolsspan

Compatible with all types of tools

Productivity/traceability/error proofing

Easy to use with the webserver application

Industrial universal hub controller

  • A single point connection for your tools
  • Manage up to 12 tools and 6 stations

Open protocol tools

  • Full compatibility with all your production tools

Easy and clear interface

  • 7” Color touch screen
  • VGA connection for external screen

Fully scalable

  • Quick backup and restore for faster maintenance
  • Webserver application form easysetup and full version compatibility

Full traceability

  • Store up to 100 000 results
  • Store up to 100 000 traces
  • No limitation for sequences & operations

Full protocol communication

• Fully compatible with the mains industries protocols
• Open protocol, Toolsnet, IPM, XML, PFCS
• 2 Ethernet ports

FieldBus (option)

Profibus DP master, Profibus DP slave, DeviceNet master, DeviceNet slave, CC-Link slave, CANopen master, CANopen slave, Profinet IO device, Profinet IO controller, EtherNet/IP scanner, EtherNet/IP adapter, Open Modbus/TCP

Compatible with geolocation (option)

Can be used with SCS geolocation system, please don’t hesitate to ask for a demo.


Compatible with following accessories

  • Barcode reader
  • Printer
  • Socket tray
  • Label printer
  • Input/Output 24V


  • Manage 12 SCS tools
  • Manage up to 2 stations at the same time
  • Data storage & open protocol
  • 4 outputs as standard and 16 I/O in option
  • Manage barcode reader/printer
  • Manage socket tray
  • Industrial fieldbus on option

FIM-EVO Universal HUB

FIM EVO functionalities and:

  • Manage 12 tools (SCS or multi brand)
  • Manage up to 6 stations at the same time

SCS wrenches supported:

Freedom CDM
Freedom CL/CLS
Freedom EWW3

Results and trace database


Trace torque/angle or torque/time


Statistic analysis