Digital Torque Wrenches

The digital torque wrenches SCS Concept provide a solution to all needs to perform a certificated tightening in production, to check the residual torque on screws already tightened and to analyze the joints characteristics.

The most advanced digital torque / angle wrench on the market:
- Patented automatic obstacle detection
- Automatic wrong handling detection
- Full data traceability with barcode scanner, WiFi or BT radio
- Production and quality control strategies
- LAB mode for analysis
– Freedom4S Production
– Freedom4 Quality
The great success of SCS Concept! The best torque / angle wrench with all tightening and quality control strategies, full data traceability and connectivity.
– Touchscreen
– Wireless communication
– Data traceability
A click-wrench with torque and angle measurement, to keep easy operation but with quality control assurance
– Small, light, ergonomic and robust
– Productivity of a click wrench with data traceability
– Accurate and repeatable
– Fulfill industry 4.0 with torque & angle value
The Freedom3 wrench in the version with electronic module separated by the torque wrench, with some extra connectivity to remote devices of the production system
– Touchscreen
– Wireless communication
– Data traceability

Digital torque wrenches SCS

Equipped with torque transducers and gyroscopes for angle measurement, these wrenches are accurate and perform reliable tests.

They can be used as stand-alone instrument or, interfaced with software and database, providing data traceability and statistical reports.

SCS Concept torque/angle digital wrenches are easy to use and provides real time results during the tightening operation. Depending on the model, wrenches are equipped with wide touch screen display, LEDs, buzzer and vibration device.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, digital torque wrenches are lightweight, durable and perfect to use in industrial environments. In fixed production stations, the wrench is delivered in a compact design for easy use, and it is connected to a torque/angle data analyzer that programs the wrench and manages the test results.