SYNERFreedom in every part of the production

The new SYNER platform

We can cover that – but in a pragmatic way!

Identify improvement opportunities in your production

Bring quality and production together

Increase efficiency reduce costs

Integrate easily to your infrastructure with APIs

Syner global software platform

Industry 4.0
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence

How SYNER can help you?

  • Collecting and analyzing data from production and quality
  • Getting best recommendations for optimization
  • Using Artificial intelligence (AI) to predict errors and improve quality
  • Providing customized reports automatically
  • Using modern and secure technology
  • No dependency on manufacturers and processe


  • way to visualize & monitor
  • your whole production!


  • Platform connects
  • people and data


  • anomalies & address
  • them before they impact you
Syner global software platform

Cover your use-cases with SYNER?

Control station and lines

Syner global software platform

Multi-brand product

SYNER P for Production

Syner global software platform

Production data collection and alarms

SYNER Global (P+Q)

Syner global software platform

Cross data of quality and production and make Realtime analysis & AI makes it possible to detect errors before it occurs

SYNER Q for Quality

Syner global software platform

Manage and collect data from measurement device, ensure quality of tools and process

Freedom, no dependency on: Manufacturers, Processes and Local infrastructure

Syner global software platform

SYNER Q for Quality Management

Syner global software platform
  • Manage assembly tools (independent)
    • Type, position on the line, homologation, documents
  • Manage measurement devices (independent)
    • Certificates, documents, checking frequency
  • Define all your operation
    • Type of control (Tools control, joint control or manual check)
    • Frequency of check
  • Get all necessary reports for internal & external AUDITS
  • Manage your tool and process check tasks fast and easy
  • Define your quality control route (SPC)
  • Create your owns test definition to follow ISO and VDI norms

SYNER Global

Syner global software platform
  • Generate your reports automatically
  • Statistical analysis
  • Cross data between production and quality, get best, combined overview
  • Alarm management for all issues regarding production and quality
  • Web-application
    • Multiple device support
    • Fully scalable
  • Adjust your reports regarding design and content
  • One master data management for all views (no need for administration of same data in several databases)

SYNER P for Production Management

Syner global software platform
  • Collect all the results & traces from your assembly line (independent)
  • Link the result with the ID number of your product
  • Complete lifetime report for your products (e.g., vehicle, engine, gearbox, etc.)
  • Multi-protocol compatibility to connect all your tools and processes and store in one database, no dependency on manufacturers and processes
  • Monitor your production line and react immediately
  • Including Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions (2023):
    • Detect the operability of the tools
    • Detect assembly joint evolution
    • Predict maintenance issues and possible errors

Overview SYNER

Collect data with universal controller FIM or other multi-brand controllers and tools
Perform rework with our benches
Have visual guidance with our VPG+ stations incl. precise Positioning system
Keep control about quality with our quality control bench and perform machine & process capability
All data together in one platform from Quality & Production



  • Easy process & tool check
  • AUDIT relevant documents on one platform
  • Cover norms and standards

One Platform

  • Get transparency & uncover potential improvements
  • Correlation of all data
  • Improve data exchange between departments


  • 100% data documentation
  • Fullfill product liabilty requirements
  • Trend analysis & notifications

Your advantages with our platform

One platform connects users and data

Syner global software platform

Collect all data from your production lines

Syner global software platform

Cross data from production & quality

Syner global software platform

Easiest way to visualize & monitor your assembly lines

Syner global software platform

Web-Access to your data with all devices

Syner global software platform

Proactive events to keep you informed

Syner global software platform

Automatic management reports

Syner global software platform




  • Up to 5 simultaneous users
  • Central database
  • SPC / route function
  • Tool & measurement management
  • Checklist
  • Statistics (cm/cmk)
  • ISO 5393 & 6789
  • Label printing
  • Full test support


  • Includes QUALITY Basic
  • Up to 10 simultaneous users
  • Report designer
  • Full operations management
  • AUDIT Support
  • Widgets / KPI‘s


  • Includes QUALITY Advanced
  • Unlimited users
  • VDI norms
  • Customization available




  • Results overview
  • Product / serial no. history
  • Error KPI‘s
  • Parameter changes
  • Full details for operations
  • Trace analysis


  • Includes PRODUCTION Basic
  • Alarms based on conditions
  • Dashboards & Widgets / KPI‘s
  • Statistical graphs (e. g. normal distribution)
  • Tool overview with maintenance warning


  • Includes PRODUCTION Advanced
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) integrated
  • Re-evaluation of traces
  • Report Designer
  • Customization available

Your features with our platform


Syner Production

  • Multi brand data collection
  • Multi process support (e.g., tightening, riveting, gluing, etc.)
  • Multi protocol support
  • Multi database support – reduce database costs
  • Use KPIs and Dashboard for fast overviews
  • Statistical analysis
  • Alarm and trend signals
  • High-performance data collection
  • Use only one master data for all departments
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict issues
  • Accessibility on browsers for all types of devices
  • Available in the cloud
  • API for third party systems (e.g. SAP, etc.)
  • No hidden costs: Full service package available


Syner Quality

  • Multi brand support
  • Multi process support
  • Manage all your measurement devices & certifications
  • Statistical reports
  • Report designer for customized reports
  • SPC route management
  • Perform all machine & process capability tests
  • Cover VDI norms/standards (ISO5393, ISO6789, ISO2645-2, ISO2645-3)
  • Accessibility on browsers for all types of devices
  • Available in the cloud
  • Use offline function on benches
  • API for third party systems (e.g. SAP, etc.)
  • No hidden costs: Full service package available

Your advantages with our platform

Reduce costs because of:

  • Free choice of vendor for tools no dependency
  • Less amount of software systems for several process types
  • Free choice of database vendor (MS SQL can be used instead of expensive Oracle solution)
  • Alarms will inform you in case of issues you don’t have to browse active inside the system
  • One system for quality and production no need for several software systems
  • Cross data from production with quality data learn based on these data improve settings of tools
  • Don’t pay for every module choose between few packages