SCS Easy – Digital Torque Wrench

The SCS Easy, thanks to his user friendly and flexible software, allows you a very easy check and tightening of your joint.

The embedded gyroscope allows the determination of the Breakaway Torque for Quality Control and the perform of torque and Torque/Angle tightenings.

The accuracy of it angle reading, makes SCS Easy the leader in his market segment. Available for only Torque, or Torque/Angle measurements.

SCSeasy – Digital torque wrench


  • Tightening operations with torque / angle measurement
  • Peak torque detection
  • Residual torque measurement with breakaway method
  • LEDs and LCD display to real time result indication
  • Possibility to download results by SCS Concept F3 Explorer software
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise tightening operations
  • The series cover a wide torque range from 1 Nm to 1000 Nm
  • Torque measurement accuracy ± 1% of rated torque
  • Powered by AA type rechargeable batteries