FTA: Banco di test automatico per chiavi dinamometriche coppia/angolo

    SCS Concept ha lanciato il nuovo banco automatico per chiavi dinamometriche coppia/angolo. Il test è eseguito secondo VDI/VDE 2645 part 2 e VDI/VDE 2647. Il braccio è azionato tramite un

Progetto Lettura Automatica dei Dati in M. Shimizu

Blog post on 21/05/2015 Frank Lobato, SCS Products Field Application Engineer in M. Shimizu (partner brasiliano di SCS Concept), ha annunciato la realizzazione, nello scorso aprile 2015, della soluzione di

Campagna di taratura 2015 in Ducati, Borgo Panigale

Blog post on 29/07/2015 Negli scorsi giorni due tecnici di SCS Concept Italia hanno effettuato una campagna di taratura periodica presso lo stabilimento Ducati di Bologna. Sono stati tarati e

Quality Control. The Freedom3-SPC wrench is improved by the new Wi-Sync function

Blog post on 05/06/2015 The Freedom 3 electronic wrench SPC mode (Quality Control) has a new function for routes and data synchronization. The Wi-Sync function allows the connection between the

FTY bench for testing robotized nutrunners

Blog post on 05/05/2015   In april SCS Concept presented a FTY bench realized specially to satisfy the request of a German Automotive Manufacturer. Thanks to our R&D dept. SCS Concept meets

Great success for MESTOOL and SCS Concept at WIN Fair – International Industrial Automation Fair

  Blog post on 21/04/2015 MESTOOL, reached new potential customers (about hundred) from many different sectors at WIN Fair – International Industrial Automation Fair during 19 – 22 of March,

FTY, test benches with tilting system

Blog post on 27/03/2015 SCS Concept realized two FTY test benches with tilting system. The inclined plane of FTY is used where there is the need to test nutrunners that

FTY and AWT palletized test benches

Blog post on 27/03/2015 An important Truck manufacturer required to SCS Concept, for one of its french plants, the possibility to carry by a transpallet a FTY test bench and

March 2015:the “Iberian Tour”

  Blog post on 27/03/2015 In the first two weeks of March what was the France Road Show continued, becoming an “Iberian tour”. Starting from the Volkswagen plant in Portugal,

SCS Concept will fly in Turkey for the WIN Automation fair

Blog post on 19/03/2015 http://www.win-fair.com/en/   From Europe, that is the main destination in Turkish automotive foreign trade, SCS Concept will fly to to Instanbul for the WIN Automation fair. From