Torque/Angle Calibration Mobile Laboratory

New Accreditated Mobile Laboratory

As part of the development of measuring instruments, we are able to bring the first mobile accredited metrology laboratory in the world.

SCS Concept started a cooperation with the German company Q-Direct GmbH & Co. KG, which has realized a series of mobile laboratories accredited DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 for the magnitudes of torque and angle. One of these mobile laboratories is located at SCS Ltd Concept.

The concept of a mobile lab was created to allow the customer to eliminate the time of immobilization of the instruments and the costs of bureaucratic management that revolves around the certification.

Even the elimination of shipping and packaging will lead to substantial savings.
Of course you can also send the tools at our laboratory.
Our mobility will make you save time and money.

Torque / Angle Calibration Mobile Laboratory

Our Calibration Services

Torque calibration:

  • 0,1 – 2000 Nm

Which instrument can we calibrate:

  • Test benches and systems for Nutrunners
  • Test benches and systems for torque wrenches
  • Digital torque wrenches
  • Torque transducers static and dynamic
  • Mechanical torque wrenches

According which procedures:

  • DIN 51309
  • DKD-R 3-7
  • DKD-R 3-8
  • DIN ISO 6789
  • VDI/VDE 2646
  • EA 10-14

Angle calibration, which instrument can we calibrate:

  • Test benches and systems for Nutrunner with angle simulation
  • Torque&Angle wrenches
  • Torque&Angle rotary transducers

According which procedure:

  • VDI/VDE 2648

Electric calibration of amplifiers